Adult Basketball League

by Mary Hagen

Basketball for Adult Leagues

Arizona is gaga over basketball and its fans are among the sports’ most avid, for good reasons.  Basketball is immensely popular and the state’s teams are providing the best motivation for them to get hooked with the sports. The Phoenix Suns is historically one of NBA’s most successful franchises while The University of Arizona Wildcats men’s and women’s basketball are among the most successful programs in college basketball. 

ASC Training Center has organized an adult basketball league to allow players 18 years old and older to participate in a competitive level of play. The league caters to players with all levels of experience. While the majority of our sports programs are geared towards the youth, we believe that adult sports enthusiasts deserve an avenue for fun and a recreational atmosphere to enjoy the sports they grew up with. 

Registered teams will be seeded based on their regular season record. The top 8 teams will play in a single elimination tournament. One loss and the team is out, with the last remaining team becoming the league champion.  

We will be constantly guiding the players and teams on how basketball games should be properly conducted and make their participation exciting and fun. The league will help players learn the technical aspects of basketball and develop creativity with their plays and strategy. It will let them acquire the passion to win yet learn compassion for fellow players. Through the games, the players will be motivated to practice, learn conditioning and improve their fundamental skills. They will not just be able to display their ball-handling, passing, shooting and defensive skills in the games but more importantly, appreciate and practice the values from the sports – discipline, teamwork, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. The players will have plenty of opportunities to apply critical and strategic thinking, decision making and court maturity in their desire to outplay the opposing team and win the game.               

A professionally organized adult basketball league that promises exciting and enriching player participation seldom comes. Join our ASC Adult Basketball League and register before the scheduled deadline. And while we do not promise that we can develop you to play in the fashion of Arizona Wildcats greats like Andre Iguodala, Gilbert Arenas, and Steve Kerr, you can certainly look forward to a totally different player and team experience.