Adult Volleyball League

by Mary Hagen

Every time summer rolls around; volleyball grows in popularity. This year is no different at the ASC training center. With the warm weather fast approaching, we are pleased to announce our adult volleyball leagues are starting July 7th, 2019. Our adult volleyball leagues provide a safe recreational environment for those who wish to play in non-competitive or competitive games. All of the adult volleyball leagues at ASC are co-ed, and participants must be 17 years or older to participate.  

Why join an adult volleyball league?

While it may be your favorite pastime or something you have never tried before, there is no better time to start playing one of America's favorite sports. 

● Feel the team camaraderie of winning or losing 

● Exercise in a unique way, volleyball is a total body workout  

● Meet new people

● Gather friends and family to join a team 

● No need to purchase any of your own gear

● All of the schedules are pre-organized

● Brush up on your volleyball skills, or learn a new sport

● It's fun!  

Why chose ASC?

ASC Training Center – Home of Future Stars adult volleyball program caters to those with all skill levels and experience. We understand not everyone is on the same level or joining a volleyball league for the same reason, that's why we created two divisions. Our competitive and recreational division summer season is spaced out over 8 weeks, and teams are comprised of 6-12 players. ASC provides all the gear; all you need is a team, the right attitude, and your game face. We are here to help place you on the perfect team to suit all of your needs, so you can start playing, and leave all the organizing and paperwork to us. We expect all of our players to maintain our high standard of sportsmanship and believe in leading by example. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Volleyball leagues near me:

If you're in the Phoenix area, come visit us at the Arizona Sports Complex. We are located at 425 E. Pinnacle Peak Road, Phoenix, AZ 85024.