Baseball Winter Camp

by Mary Hagen

Winter Camps at ASC

Time for another Arizona Sports Complex event!

America’s favorite pastime is once again coming into season.  And what better way to prepare for it than at a baseball winter camp at ASC! 9r Baseball is teaming up with ASC for a fun and exciting Baseball camp along with all the trimmings. Another chance to have fun and be active in playing one of the best sports ever! Baseball winter camps are the place to be for young ball players to learn more about their favorite sport.

And with the help of 9r (Niner) Baseball as the complete personal guide to becoming a well-rounded athlete.  The camp will provide honest one-on-one approach to improve your ball player and take their game to the next level.  Develop athletes with skills and mental training, and challenge their fitness to a higher pedigree.

The camp’s focus will be on skill development in all areas of the game including the physical aspect, mechanical processes and mental readiness.

Specific target areas will be:

  • Fielding:  The ball player will learn more on team work with fielding, who to throw to when who’s on what.  Ground ball handling will be covered as well.
  • Throwing: The fundamentals of baseball throwing is crucial.  It is taught to improve aims and hit the proper target.
  • Hitting:  Hitting a baseball traveling at a certain speed is no easy task.  The camp will teach the basic stance, eye movement and proper bat swings.
  • Pitching:  The most important player of the game.  The athlete will learn all his responsibilities around the field and all the types of pitches.

Along with the rest of the positions, base running and more…

Niner Baseball Club introduces the Patrick Reid’s Professional Pitching Development or PRPPD program, which is a 90-day program which will be available to the first 40 athletes who want to improve their game.  Designed to build athleticism, develop dynamic strength, enhance explosiveness, add to power and elastic body movement.  

 Also available is the Baseball Winter Camp’s 30-day hitting program that will unleash the power that’s within every hitter.  They are looking for athletes who want to evolve their game to the next level using The Hitting Vault System.  With the use of video aides and the latest drills, we will build the swing from the ground up focusing on the physical and mental aspects of hitting.