Basketball Camp

by Mary Hagen

Come to our Basketball Camp

You want to know what’s awesome about Arizona Sports Complex? Basketball winter camps, that’s what!

A chance to have fun and be active during the Christmas break may just be what you need.

Basketball winter camps is the best place for young athletes to learn more about their favorite sport.  Train and have an awesome time!  The campers will develop discipline and be taught crazy skills in basketball.  Over the course of the week, they will gain confidence along with ball handling improvement and will love the sport even more.  They will be taught basketball fundamentals and ways to improve their abilities in playing.

Basketball winter camps allows for a chance for youngsters to understand the process that goes into good decision making, and will discover more about their selves during the process.  Children will also learn about peer support.

Going to basketball winter camps have tons of benefits, here are some:

  • Make new friends - Meet new ones and get to know fellow players from other places at basketball camps.  No need for ice breaker talks when you already have something in common and that’s basketball.  Playing as a team working together to get that win is a perfect way to make friends.  No need for shyness in this sport, the only thing they will be thinking of is how awesome they will be afterwards.
  • Experience new things - Basketball winter camps are great places to start learning about the sport if you know nothing about it in the first place.  There will be other campers who are the same as well.
  • Make awesome memories - The competition, fun, learning the tricks, ball handling, making that certain shot that won the game and just simply hanging out with other players will all play a role in their future as adults.
  • Build that self-esteem - Heading off to the basketball winter camp without anyone but themselves and not knowing what to expect is a great confidence booster for these young athletes.  All of a sudden, they are making decisions about who to pass the ball to or making a 2 or a 3-point shot.  The sport teaches things that are not taught at home and these things are crucial in a young adult’s life.

Maybe they have never played basketball before, or perhaps they have played it but never learned to dribble properly, or shoot with the proper hand form.  By joining the basketball winter camp, they will gain even more confidence as a result.  From there, your student leaves the camp with enough knowledge, skills and motivation to perhaps tryout for the school’s basketball team, or who knows, maybe become the next MJ!