Being Present is the Best Gift You Can Give

by Justin Sayban

Parenting is hard work. Most of us are overly - tough on ourselves, and the holidays seem to amplify our perceived flaws and failures.

As you’re spending precious time with your family this season, remember that sometimes the best present is being present

Of course our kids want fun—usually expensive—packages to unwrap, but there’s no greater gift than sharing our time and attention.

We know that’s not always easy. Carpools and snack duty, rescheduled practices and dirty uniforms all add up—and quickly. And it’s when we’re feeling the pressure to be perfect parents that many of us snap, using words we don’t mean in tones that make us cringe as we hear ourselves.

We look back to our ‘holiday selves’ and wish we could rewind and get back to a more level place, to the parent we want to be and that our children deserve.

We can.