DASH Platform

by Justin Sayban

Big changes are here for Arizona Sports Complex!

Arizona Sports Complex is excited to launch our new online registration system. Registering for programs just got easier. CLICK HERE or download the "DASH Online" app as soon as possible to create an account. As of today, you can create your account, register for upcoming programs or just practice navigating the site to be prepared for our Session 2 programs. We've made it easy for many of you and copied over your account information from our old system. If it's your first time logging in then you'll need to email yourself a password reset to gain access to your account.

Save yourself some time and register online!

New Online Registration System - DASH Online

Launching February 16th, 2018 for Arizona Sports Complex

Launch date for Future Stars coming soon...

  • Company Code "asc"
  • Set up your account using your phone or tablet by downloading the “Dash Online” app from the Apple or Android store. 
  • Set up your account from your home computer CLICK HERE
  • Set up your account using one of our registration kiosks at the facility located at the front desk