Love In Sports

by Janele Panousopoulos

Love. It’s what drives our passions, pushes us to be a better version of ourselves. Not only does it create a greater purpose in our lives, but keeps us coming back for more. Arizona Sports Complex is proud to provide a hub for those passionate, not only for the game, but for family as well.

ASC’s adult soccer leagues are here to fuel that passion. Our non-competitive to semi-competitive leagues provide the perfect opportunity for those looking to re-ignite their college playing years, those wanting to keep in shape, or those wanting to create a fun time with friends.

No matter your level or experience, the family atmosphere each league provides is contagious. But that’s not all players have experienced in our adult leagues. It has come to our attention over the years, that Arizona Sports Complex has been the catalyst in many blooming relationships; from dates to marriages, even babies!

Let’s rewind two years, when Christina met Kevin. “Kevin and I started playing on the same team and met in July 2015. It only took a couple weeks of playing soccer and hanging out with our team to realize that we had more than just a connection on the field. Fast forward to almost 2 years later and we’re not only still playing soccer with our ASC ‘family’, but we got engaged and have been married since June 2017!” Christina continues by thanking ASC. “Thank you for being the place where our love of soccer helped us to find the love of our lives!” Coincidence? We believe not. It’s not only teammates who are feeling the love, but competitors too. “We actually started off scrimmaging on opposing teams and didn’t like each other because we’re both pretty aggressive players. But once we were on the same team, we warmed up to each other and eventually fell in love,” says Suzi, who met Phillip in 2011. Their love continued, with Phillip proposing to Suzi at ASC before kickoff. But that’s not all. ASC couples Chelsea and Shawn as well as Kayla and Nadir are expecting babies in the coming months! We have even seen love grow to marriage between a player and spectator, proving there are no limits to the dating atmosphere ASC provides.

When it comes to playing Adult League soccer at Arizona Sports Complex, the camaraderie is affectious. Friendships and family are a constant theme. Take it from Amy and Cory, who met in 2014 while playing on opposing teams. Amy explains, “We are so lucky to have met each other at a place like this. There is no better way than to meet someone who enjoys the same things you do…a healthy sport that keeps you in shape and happy. If you can find someone while drenched in sweat, exhausted, and stinky…I think you’ve got a good thing.”

Looking to join one of our adult leagues at Arizona Sports Complex? Please visit us online at or call (623) 587-7171.