Ninja Kids Camp

by Mary Hagen

Ready to be a Ninja?

Here’s another exciting event going on at the Arizona Sports Complex. Learn how to be a ninja! No, not the kind that jumps out from the shadows wielding a sword and throwing steel stars.  More like the American Ninja show where you compete to pass really difficult obstacle course.

Another chance to have fun and be active during the winter time is just what the kids need. 

Adventure Fitness Ninja Kids provides athletes 6-13 years old fun experience with an obstacle course and face the challenges of many ninja-like elements - rings, steps, monkey bars, walls, and even a warped wall!

It’s a chance for the kids to learn new things physically, but in a fun way.  They will be joining other youngsters through this new and exciting experience.

They start in the beginning with a side to side hop on some triangular step boards.  This simple task will start to pump their hearts, and its only the starting point.

Next up is a lowered net where they have to crawl under, kind of like basic training in the military.  Except that its just a few feet long and on a clean floor. It’s still all laughter at this point.

Then a balance walk on a six foot long bar six inches off the floor. Time to get serious.

This leads to walking through a bunch of tires where you stick each foot in the holes then so on, while moving forward.  They will start building up sweat by then, but still chuckling.

Next, they get to crawl thru a plastic tube 12 feet long.  Then jump over some plastic drums. Drag something heavy on the floor to cross a line at the end. Then flip some tires over.  By this time, it is a workout. They will then get to try and scale a wall with a rope, only if they think they can. After a monkey bar, another rope net climb. Then a few more courses to go.Then cross the finish line! And it's fun and laughs. Then go another round again.

Kids will gain new experience at Ninja Camp. It’s something new for them to try that is fun and exciting.  This is just a part of the Winter Baseball Camps program at Arizona Sports Complex. You do not want your kids to miss it!