Special Needs Sports Programs Near Me

by Mary Hagen

Parents of children with disabilities know how crucial it is to keep your little ones active, have them feel like their part of a team, boost their confidence levels, and offer them more opportunities to create lifelong friendships. That’s where special needs sports programs come in, programs which are solely developed to get kids with disabilities into the game. Sports, in general, are crucial for all children to help develop their cognitive skills, give them a sense of responsibility, and improve communication skills. For kids with disabilities, being active, releasing energy, and experiencing the fun of playing sports just as important for any special needs child to experience as would be for a child. The skills learned while playing sports will benefit your kids on and off the field. 

Why sports are beneficial for youths with special needs:

  • Allows for an increase in body awareness
  • Spend time with children with the same or similar disabilities
  • Increase social interactions 
  • Improve motor skills 
  • Better overall fitness and stamina 
  • Energy release 
  • Gives them a sense of accomplishment, and a feeling of belonging
  • Huge confidence boost
  • Sports can be seen as an escape from daily struggles for kids with   needs

Special needs sports programs near me:

The Arizona Sports Complex is a proud partner of the Sunshine League, a non-profit organization that began in 2001 to give children with special needs the opportunity to play soccer and meet new friends. Since it’s humble beginnings, the Sunshine League has grown thanks to generous donations from our local community members, and we are proud to now offer activities to promote cooperation, hand-eye coordination, balance and flexibility to our participants. 

We provide the opportunity for children with special needs to participate in sports games and give them the feeling of comradery that goes along with being part of a sports team. The Sunshine League is committed to never turning anyone away; whether your child is a player with a wheelchair, walker, or brace, we want them our team. We have over 30 players with special needs ranging from  Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays, Autism, Downs Syndrome, visual impairments, ADHD, and others. Our main goal is to provide a safe haven for your kids, a place where they feel welcome, part of a team, a place to make memories, and meet new friends.