Summer Youth Camps

by Mary Hagen

While June 21st may be the first official day of summer, schools in Arizona are already out, and kids require fun activities to keep them occupied all summer long. A great summer youth camp can provide your child with endless activities to make for the summer of a lifetime.

Which youth camp is best for my child?

Does your little one have a need for speed, a competitive edge, or the desire to learn a new sport? Youth camps geared solely towards sports may be the perfect option. Give your kids the chance to improve their game while having a blast. Whether kids are new to a sport, want to hone in on skills they already possess, or just have some fun, summer camps are the way to go.

Top 10 summer camp benefits

  • Gives kids the chance to meet other kids with similar interests
  • They offer a fun, safe, and structured environment for children to thrive
  • Camps help kids build leadership skills
  • Keeps kids moving and active
  • Helps to build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Allows children to practice decision making and independence
  • Learn social skills 
  • Allots time for unstructured play
  • Gives kids a break from the standard home and school routine
  • Forces kids to take a break from TV, phones, and video games

Youth camps at the Arizona Sports Complex

We understand parents number one worry during the summer months is what will they do with the kids while their busy work schedules don’t change just because it’s summer. All summer long, the Arizona Sports Complex holds youth camps to keep kids entertained, allow them to practice their favorite sports, and give opportunities to make new friends. Before and after care is provided if necessary, and we provide kids with a healthy and tasty lunch. We are dedicated to finding the right youth camp to fit you and your child’s needs; we take your child’s current skill set into consideration before placing them in the program which will benefit them the most. We offer programs five days a week, morning until evening, for kids ages 4 and up.

Programs we offer

  • Soccer camp
  • baseball camp
  • Basketball camp
  • Educational innovations
  • Volleyball camp
  • Speed, agility, and strength camp
  • Ninja camp
  • Football camp

For all of our programs, we have multiple age groups and skill set options. We are here to give your kids the perfect summer experience. For any questions about any of our youth camps, please feel free to reach out.