Which sport is for your kids?

by Mary Hagen

A successful sports complex offers classes, camps, and leagues for kids. At Arizona Sports Complex we offer many types of activities but some of our more popular are basketball, volleyball and soccer.


Soccer is a unique kind of sport because the coaches do not have a say in where the players go. The kids find adjustments and make their own decisions on the go. When kids are involved in soccer, they learn to handle a lot of different situations on the spot. They are able to quickly peruse a situation and come up with the right response. The kids are also trained to reflect and rate the results afterward to know if they could have made other decisions. 


Basketball is a demanding cardiovascular activity which helps a child exercise while also being fun. Kids who play basketball enhance their endurance and flexibility skills.


This sport highly increases hand-eye coordination. They learn to track the speedy movements of the ball and condition themselves to be aware of its position so that they can quickly decide how to handle the ball when it comes their way. Kids also learn how to be part of a team and work well to reach a goal with others. 

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