Winter Break Soccer Clinic

by Mary Hagen

What’s next at the Arizona Sports Complex?  Winter Break Soccer Clinic!

Time to get that foot loose and hit the goal with a Winter Arizona Sports Complex Camp!

ASC and Coerver Coaching has teamed up to bring you this camp for the winter times.

Do you want your child to learn soccer through a proven teaching method? Do you want your child to be excited to go to training? The Coerver Method is a global program that has been growing for 33 years. The Coerver AZ team develops confident young players with excellent technique and game smarts. We develop creative, confident, game-changing players who love the game.

“Arizona is the newest location for the no. 1 Soccer Skills teaching method in the World.  Coerver is in 29 countries with over 1.5 million players.” Sounds really serious!

The Coerver Method has been acclaimed to be the World’s first soccer skills teaching method.  It is a complete soccer education program which bases its methodology on a “Pyramid of Player Development”.  The foundation of this pyramid is “Ball Mastery”.

The winter soccer clinic will focus on individual skills.  Group the players first by age, then by ability.  Make each player feel comfortable while building confidence and enhance creativity.

The difference between Coerver and other programs is that the Coerver method uses “match related” drills to develop “quick feet” and a “soft first touch” as basic moves to beat opponents.  The skills may seem simple but it requires ball mastery.  The goal is to challenge the player to skill improvements.

  • BALL MASTERY: 1 player 1 ball. Repetition ball control exercises with both feet.
  • RECEIVING / PASSING: Exercises and games to improve 1st touch, so important at all levels, and to encourage accurate and creative passing.
  • MOVES 1 V 1: Exercises and games that teach game winning individual moves and create space against packed defenses
  • SPEED: Exercises and games to improve agility, acceleration and power with and without the ball.
  • FINISHING: Exercises and games that improve technique and encourage instinctive play around the goal.
  • GROUP ATTACK: Exercises and games that improve small group play with an emphasis on Fast Break Attacks.

The Winter Break Soccer Clinic aims to:

  1. Make the game fun to practice and play
  2. Teach good sportsmanship and respect for all
  3. Value winning but not more than character and performance
  4. Provide a safe & educational experience that meets best practice criteria