Women's Cup

by Mary Hagen

Soccer is played by over 250 million people, in over 200 countries, giving it the top spot for the world's most popular sport. The FIFA Women's World Cup is happening now, and the US women's national soccer team is hard at work crushing the competition. The US women's team formed in 1985, and hold the record for the most successful team to participate in the Women's World Cup, with 3 championships under their belt. 

At Arizona Sports Complex, we teach boys and girls how to play soccer from the ages of 3 and up. Our soccer leagues and summer camps teach basic skills to advanced techniques, the rules of the game, good sportsmanship, and how to be part of a team. All of our ASC coaches are trained to take your child's skills to the next level and provide the tools for success. Whether your child is new to the world of soccer, or a Mia Hamm in the making, we are here to guide and encourage them along the way. 

Why is soccer important for young girls?

For girls, especially soccer helps build self-confidence, offer fun physical activity, and interactions with other children of the same age. We encourage soccer to be a family activity, it helps young girls feel the support of their loved ones and boost self-esteem. Soccer teaches young girls the responsibilities that come along with being an athlete, and the fast pace game promotes cognitive development by enabling children to think and respond quickly. Increased social interactions are crucial for children's social development and skills, being part of a team allows them the opportunity to learn how to work together and enhance communication skills. 

Top 10 benefits of enrolling your child in a soccer league:

  • It's fun! 
  • Soccer teaches teamwork
  • Enhances social connections and interactions
  • Improve motor skills 
  • Increase in concentration 
  • Teaches work ethic and responsibility 
  • Healthy competition 
  • Boosts self-esteem 
  • Promotes family bonding 
  • The feeling of camaraderie with their peers