Youth Basketball in Glendale, AZ

by Mary Hagen

Glendale, AZ is home to some of the best entertainment for kids in the state. From the Thunderbird Conservation Park, Camelback Ranch, to the Heard Museum, the options for fun outings with the family in Glendale are endless. While there are plenty of opportunities for kids to have fun all summer long, what happens when the Fall season hits? With summer coming to an end and the new school year fast approaching, have you thought about your children’s extracurricular activities for the upcoming school year? The Arizona Sports Complex  and our courts facility ASC Training Center - Home of Future Stars is here to help, we have one of the top-rated youth basketball leagues in Arizona and are proud to offer a number of programs for the upcoming academic year.

Glendale Youth Basketball at Arizona Sports Complex

Our Glendale youth basketball league gives children living in the city the opportunity to try out basketball and learn what it’s like to be an intricate part of a team. Children with all skill sets are welcome, and we will work with each child to improve their current talents. Our focus on teamwork and teaching good sportsmanship to our kids remain at the top of our priority list. Your kids will learn how to be a team player and learn discipline that can only come from doing sports. Our pressure-free environment allows children to thrive while learning what healthy competition, winning, and losing feels like. 

A staggering number of children quit youth sports according to ESPN because they are not having fun. At  Arizona Sports Complex and Future Stars, we strive to offer the best youth basketball in Glendale, AZ. Our fun and engaging youth basketball league will keep your kids entertained while getting in some much-needed exercise. They will feel a sense of camaraderie with their peers while making long-lasting friendships. There is no better way to bond over a big win against your rival team. 

The Youth Basketball Staff at ASC

All of our coaches here at the ASC are trained to teach your children the fundamental skill set up to advanced techniques. Our coaches are not only here to teach our kids about basketball; they are here to help them develop into better people. Sports have proven to aid teaching children how to be more responsible, compassionate, and resourceful. We teach kids the fundamental lessons of respect, and the importance of showing respect to not only the coaches, but the rest of the staff, and of course, the other team members. 

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