Youth Volleyball in Peoria, Arizona

by Mary Hagen

Peoria is one of the thriving communities in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Known for its quaint, picturesque scenery and flat desert terrain, Peoria is also home to many families with younger children. What are the best activities to do in Peoria, AZ, to entertain the whole family? The Rio Vista Recreation center is high on the list. Families can enjoy water sprinkles, monkey bars galore, and even a well-equipped gym for the adults. While this may be the perfect way to beat the harsh Arizona heat on a day in the summer, the seasons are changing fast. This is where youth sports become a parent's best friend. Youth volleyball leagues are a known way to keep your little ones healthy, entertained, and teach a new skill. For youth volleyball leagues in Peoria, Arizona Sports Complex and our courts facility ASC Training Center - Home of Future Stars is unparalleled. 

Peoria Youth Volleyball

Why is it so important for children to play sports? Experts agree that it's more than just a social outlet; it's a way to teach young children discipline and leadership. Volleyball is a team sport, without working together, the group will never succeed. Teaching kids from an early age how important it is to work with their peers is crucial for their overall development. 

The 3 R's of Peoria Youth Volleyball with Future Stars

At the Arizona Sports Complex, it's our mission to provide top quality training, life lessons and offer a welcoming environment to all. No matter what skill set a child is, we have a place for them on our ASC team!


  • Resilience - Resilience teaches children they can't always win. Inevitably a child's team will lose, but what is important is that they learn how to brush off a loss and get right back up. Sports teach kids to let go of fears of failure, something they can keep with them for the rest of their lives. 
  • Responsibility - Kids have to be taught what it's like for others to rely on them. Being part of a youth volleyball league does just that. Kids must work as a team to beat their opponents and build trust with their teammates. Sports help teach kids how to be on time, the importance of trying your best in anything they do, and realizing the team's success is not solely on their shoulders. 
  • Respect - Showing respect for the coaches and other players is something we take very seriously here at ASC. We believe teaching kids from a young age to show respect to their authoritative figures gives them essential building blocks to succeed later on in life. We hold all our staff members and players to a high standard of good sportsmanship and continue to instill it in all our kids. 

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