Join our Academy Style Intro To Soccer for 4 and 5 year olds

Our U5 and U6 program is run Academy style which is designed to develop well-balanced and technical soccer players in an environment that is challenging, fun, and focused on the introduction to soccer.

The Academy allows players an opportunity to develop and strengthen skills under the guidance of our youth soccer coaches using a curriculum designed to build coordination, balance and dribbling skills.  The purpose of academy style training is to ensure that all players develop appropriately for their developmental stage. 

The structure of the ASC program is to train skills in the first half of the hour and then have small-sided games the second half of the hour.  Our games are intended to increase the amount of ‘touches’ small sided 3v3 games can provide.

Not only does this teach the youth player skills, it allows them to immediately use them in a small sided game.