Adult Indoor Soccer

by Mary Hagen

Indoor Soccer for Adults

Whether you’re simply a fan of the game or a retired professional soccer player or you’re just starting to learn about soccer, there’s a league for everyone here at Arizona Sports Complex adult indoor soccer for men and women.

Learn to master the game or do what you always loved by joining one of our existing soccer teams in time before session 2 starts this year. You can always gather the whole gang and start your own team of up to 16 players, as long as everyone is above 18 years old. 

We have five different leagues that fit any one’s level of skill, experience and motivation, from professionals to newbies, from competitive to recreational. This season, each team will compete in a total of eight matches. The top four seeded teams will make it to the playoffs, and vie against each other to be the league champions.

Our adult indoor soccer league follows the rules of indoor soccer, where six players from both teams compete on an indoor arena on synthetic turf, bounded by walls or lines and no player throw-ins.

Playing indoor soccer, whether for recreation or to win the league offers a slew of health, social and psychological benefits for the players. Indoor soccer offers all the benefits of playing outdoor soccer; only the venue is a more controlled environment, so you’re protected from the heat of the sun, harsh rain and other climate factors, so you don’t have to worry about canceling the game because the grass is too soft and slippery after raining.  The playing grounds is also smaller, compared to outdoor football, which makes it less tiring to run around. 

Joining our league will motivate you to stay in shape and give you the necessary exercise and training that you need to stay active and fit at any age. It will help you learn the value of teamwork and develop a sense of camaraderie with your teammates and your competition as well. We value sportsmanship more than winning so we make sure to keep a friendly and fair atmosphere all throughout the league.

We also have a league for 35+ and 40+, so stop with the excuses that you’re too old to start learning the game, or that the youngsters will always be faster than you. A lot of professional international soccer players continue to play well, well into their 40s. Kazuyoshi Miura is now 50 and is still playing for Yokohama FC, he’s been playing for 31 years!

Register now and don’t miss out on this exciting new adventure that may earn you lifetime experiences and lifelong friends.

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