Youth Basketball Avondale

by Mary Hagen

Avondale Youth Basketball

Basketball is one of the best activities for youth to get their blood pumping. It teaches discipline, patience, hard work, determination, and allows children to feel part of a team. Kids burn off excess energy while learning the values of teamwork and the importance of fitness and physical health. 

Top Youth Basketball League in Avondale, AZ:

The youth basketball league at the Arizona Sports Complex is designed for kids to have fun while developing their skill set. Kids will learn the fundamentals of basketball in our Future Stars League. We emphasize teamwork, player participation, and skill development. Kids ages 4 to 17 come to the ASC to be trained by our leading coaches. Children will learn the tools needed for success on the basketball court. We teach the basics like dribbling, passing, and shooting, and kids can learn in a fun and safe atmosphere. Every child plays. Our teams are fairly divided depending on the child’s age and skill set. If your child wants to push themselves more, we offer a skills clinic for more personalized attention from the coach. 

Our Youth Basketball Avondale Coaches:

The coaches are what makes the Future Stars basketball program succeed. We have acquired some of the best coaches in Avondale to guide the kids on the path to success. Practices will be held once per week, and games are played over the weekend. All members of our staff follow a curriculum developed to give all young players the tools for success on the basketball court. We encourage all of your young athletes to show good sportsmanship and be kind and always show respect to their fellow teammates and members of the opposing team. We strive to be more than an after school basketball program in Avondale. Our center is so much more; it’s a place where kids come to learn, flourish, and gain confidence. 

What to do in Avondale, AZ, with kids?

Winter is right around the corner, and while your kiddos will enjoy spending time on the basketball court, parents still need to have a few fun activities in their back pocket. One of the best things about Avondale is the amount of family-friendly activities. Keep these activities below in your roster when you’re looking to get the kids out of the house.

  • The Uptown Jungle Fun Park, Avondale is equipped with attractions like trampolines, slides, obstacle courses, a ninja course, and more activities. They have enough activities, so the little ones and the big kids will be entertained all afternoon.
  • Friendship Park is a favorite among Avondale families. The park has three playgrounds, a splash pad, ducks, fish, and turtles. Feeding the animals is allowed, so bring a few breadcrumbs for the ducks. 
  • Feed your bellies at TJ’s Homestyle Restaurant. They serve up old school classic American favorites, and the portions are very generous. Stop by for a traditional southern breakfast or brunch.